No Shoes, No Shirt, No Water Damage

When I was looking for a new home I had the best real estate agent ever. He was not all about just making a quick sale so he could move on to the next client. He knew that I just went through a divorce and I needed someone to really help me out. I really did not know what to look for in a house. I mean I knew what I wanted but not what to look at when I was looking at a house. He knew exactly what to look for and would show me too. He would tell me very quickly if a house was worth looking at or not.

I can remember one house we looked at I just loved to death. Everything about it made me feel so good. It all looked great to me and him too. Then we walked into the fourth bedroom. It looked nice and nothing major going on in there. Then he looked in the closet and saw some water damage. I really could not see anything but once he pointed out what to look for I did. He said there had to be something else going on with the roof if there was water damage in there. He recommended us to move on to the next house.

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent After my Divorce

The Divorce

This was one of the hardest things I have ever went through in my life. In the beginning, I did not think I was going to make it. One thing that can always help with pain is time. It may take a long time but time will help ease the pain. It is hard to start all over in life and when you have kids involved it makes it even worse. I have to admit I was more worried about myself in the beginning but that changed pretty quickly for the kids. I lost everything when my divorce was final. I was a stay at home mom and he had control of all the money. He even got the house. That one hurt pretty bad but I got the kids!

Real Estate Done Right

I had to live with my parents after the divorce until I could find my own house. I was not looking forward to that at all. I remember when my ex and I were looking for our first home. I got lucky this time. I found the best real estate agent around. He was super helpful and knew I needed help. When you find the right real estate agent it makes things so much easier. At that time I needed that.

When Plumbing Goes Right

Bathroom for the Kids

I love my children so much. Ever since my divorce, they have been my life. Even though I think the are precious, they can make me so ill. I get over it pretty quick. They know my limits and most of the time they will not get me to them. They know better because when momma is not happy, nobody is happy. I know you all have heard that saying before. One night I heard my boys arguing in the bathroom. I really did not think anything of until I heard footsteps coming my way. They both came in my room trying to assign blame. I still did not think much of it. Then I went in the bathroom. They had broken the faucet off the tub and cracked the toilet. I was furious! I knew it was time to call a plumber.

The Best Plumber for my Bath

That afternoon I got online looking for a plumber. I found a couple plumbers that had good reviews. The one I used though was the best plumber. He was super nice to me and my kids. He was also very good looking too. Even though he was a short guy. Anyways, he fixed up the kids bathroom in no time. He said I was lucky that because we could have gotten some water damage if we did not get it fixed quickly.

A Bad Storm Plus a Bad Roof is not Good

Storms that Scare You

I do not know how you are but I am terrified of storms. I have always been so scared of them. When I was a little kid I can remember whenever it was stormy outside my parents would let me sleep in the middle of their bed. I always loved those nights. I am sure that they did not love me sleeping with them. After having kids I understand that now completely but they were good parents. My little ones sleep with me when it gets bad weather. I do not mind it at all. I actually feel safer when they are with me. If anything was to happen I have them all there.

The Bad Roof

About a year ago we had a bad thunderstorm one night. It was really late too. I hate when storms are like that. I just do not like getting woken up by them at all. I do not feel safe. This storm had a lot of lighting and rain. I think I was up more than my kids were. They are tougher than me. They just do not know it. Well, the morning brought sorrow for us. Our living room had a big puddle of water. We had a huge leak in our roof. I had to find a roofing company asap. Always something it seems like. The roofing company was great. They fixed me all up the next day.